What's Your Style Personality?

Style is a deeply individual thing.  Some say style is something you’re born with; others say that everybody can learn to be stylish.  Finding your style and reflecting who you are through your image can give you confidence and improve your self-esteem – this then flows into all other aspects of your life – whats not to love about that?

Wanting to look stylish is not shallow or self-indulgent, it’s a way to communicate your personality authentically.  One aspect of style is knowing “your colors”, which ones look best on you?  This topic was discussed in a previous blog post that we hope you enjoyed.

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How can you develop your personal style?

Be an observer - look at how other people are doing it! What types of pieces are they wearing, what colors do they mix, what shoes do they pair with their outfits, how do they accessorize and so on.

Imitate! Pick one outfit and copy it. Then assess what you like/don’t like about it.

Get out of your comfort zone - How are you supposed to know whether you prefer bright colors versus neutrals or feel best in bohemian pieces versus tailored separates?  You try it out!

Do you have a favorite piece(s) in your closet?  Figure out what separates your favorites from the rest of your clothes; what exact feature of the piece makes it your favorite?   You’ll be left with a detailed list of things that are all your style and that you can use a guide while out shopping

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This is why shopping in our intimate boutiques and letting our expert stylist show you all the options, color and style we have to offer is so important. We love to play dress up and share our knowledge with the beautiful women who shop with us.  If you’re already confident in your style, you can shop our Spring and Summer collection.  Let your personality shine!

Please feel free to leave a comment on this topic or we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.  You can also leave a comment on a topic you’d like us to discuss.


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