Vibrant Color Pairings

In a previous blog, we talked about harmonizing colors and how color can make you feel.  Just like pairing a fine wine with the right delicious food, there’s an art to pairing colors of your clothes. As a personal stylist at our boutiques, this subject comes up with nearly every customer and has endless opportunities.

Shop Our Boutiques - Vibrant Color Pairing - Orange and turquoise

We, creatures of habit tend to fill our closets with a lot of SAFE black & neutral colors. The trend for 2020 is adding a BRIGHT POP of color to your ensemble. Look in your closet for your what you may already have and play around with adding color. Try brightening your wardrobe with some simple basics, perhaps a magenta tank with tan pants and a pop of yellow.

You can add color simply by adding a necklace, a scarf or a wrap.  Other accessories that are a fun way to introduce color are colorful purses & hats. Pick a color you’d not normally gravitate towards and get out of your comfort zone.  Universal colors such as Turquoise/Cyan will pop on everyone!

Shop Our Boutiques - Vibrant Color Pairing - Blue, multi color, and burgundy

My advice is:

1. Always ask the experts.
2. Get out of your comfort zone and try on clothes and colors that speak to you.
3. Mix interesting colors and textures to achieve a feeling of fresh and different. 
4. Know your color palette and how to mix colors.

Could you imagine Turquoise with mint green together? It works! Try it on and see the effect it has on your spirit. Checkout 10 Perfect Clothing Color Combinations for 2020.

Perfect clothing color combinations for 2020:

  • Green & Yellow
  • Pale Blue & Pink
  • Red & Blue
  • Pink & Grey
  • Cobalt Blue & Turquoise 
  • Orange & Blue
  • Tan & Maroon or Magenta

When in doubt, don’t forget to visit our website for inspiration!

By: Colette Larson


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