Spring / Summer 2020 Collection

Harmonizing colors is essential in the color wheel of life. It’s the very essence of the fabric that we place upon our skin and the colors we surround ourselves with. Have you ever thought how color elicits a certain emotion, how it makes you feel? Color is everywhere and it’s a wonderful topic for discussion.

Back in the 80’s, women had their colors read according to their skin tone, for example, I’m a Cool Winter. That was valuable information placed right in the palm of my hands never to be forgotten! The recipe to shopping is knowing what hues look right on you.

This is where shopping at our intimate boutiques comes into play. Let us show you the difference that wearing the right color can make in your life and outlook.  We’re experts in creative color pairings and love to share our knowledge with the wonderful women who shop with us.

Please feel free to interact and leave a comment with our team on this colorful topic and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. And don’t to forget to check out the Pantone fashion trends for 2020 at www.pantone.com . You’ll find the color palette to have a sense of ease that’s familiar and relatable, yet timeless.

If you’re already confident in your colors and feel like shopping, please check out our Spring and Summer collections online at www.shopourboutiques.com.




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