Finding Your Skin Tone Before Clothes Shopping

Many of us have looked at another person’s outfit and thought, “Wow. That really is their color!” It doesn’t take a fashion stylist to see that certain colors just seem to pop on certain skin tones. Today, we’ll be sharing methods for finding your skin’s undertone and which colors look best on you, making it easier to shop at clothing stores and boutiques (like ours!)

Methods for Finding Your Undertone

Knowing your skin’s undertone is the key to figuring out which colors are most flattering on you. Generally, there are three different undertones: cool, warm, and neutral. So how do you figure out yours?

The Vein Test:

This is the most popular and accurate method of determining your undertone, as it can be done in just a couple of seconds. Flip over your hand while in natural lighting and look at the color of your veins.

Cool: Blue or purple veins

Warm: Green or yellow veins

Neutral: A mix of green and blue veins

Shop Our Boutiques- Wrist vain skin tone test

The White Napkin/Towel Test:

This test is exactly what it sounds like. Hold a white napkin, piece of paper, or towel up to your face in natural lighting. If your face looks more yellow by comparison, you have a warm undertone. If it looks bluer, you have a cool undertone. And if it seems undistinguishable, you probably have a neutral undertone. 

Shop Our Boutiques- White napkin skin tone test

Which Colors Look Best on Me?

Now that you’ve determined your undertone, it’s time to talk colors. As a rule, the colors that will look best on you are the ones that match your undertone. For example, as a warm color, mustard yellow looks great on warm-toned skin. But there are a few exceptions. Here is a breakdown of which colors suit your undertone best.

Cool: Any blues, dark purple, blush, lavender, deep green, reddish pink, silver, and gray

Warm: Olive, coral, orange, yellow, moss green, magenta, chocolate brown, gold, and taupe

Neutral: Peach, green, pale blue, red, blush, beige, and off-white

Shop Our Boutiques - Skin to color palette

And that’s the breakdown on finding your undertone and finding the colors that will look best on you. For some high-quality, gorgeous apparel, check out our boutique and use these rules to find the perfect items for you.

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