“All the Feels”

We’ve collectively endured Social Distancing for some time now, and how each of us eases back into the new norm is both interesting and different. What I can say is that my appreciation for life is in full swing! As I returned to our boutiques, I have to say I got “ALL The FEELS”! As soon as my toes hit the threshold of our shops everything familiar, yet new, intoxicated my senses. The smell of new clothes, the bedazzling colors and fabrics, all the accessories screaming TRY ME ON! The strappy sandals begging for a journey into the great wide open. It’s been a scenic journey of sensory beauty and soul. I have a renewed giddiness and this happiness overwhelms me as I glide back into this place of great comfort. As I perused all things pretty, visually taking in all the shiny new things, I take a deep breath and realize we are all so deserving! This journey we’ve been on took grit and grace to get through it. I saw the nearly eight weeks of self-isolating as a Pleasure Pause, deep-seeded in gratitude. It’s truly been a reflective time and one I’m sure will be remembered in the history books for years to come! I feel so alive with a renewed bounce in my step and I too, invite you to come have a sensory experience of “All The Feels.” You’re all truly deserving and I’m sure something new and sparkly is calling your name! We look forward to welcoming your smiling faces crossing our thresholds soon.  Until that happy day, we still have Spring and Summer items available at www.shopourboutiques.com 

By: Colette Larson


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